Who are...

The Strum Brothers?

Jeff Horwich and Joe Weismann have played and sung around the Twin Cities for years 'n' years, in bands including The Jaztronauts, Love Train, and The Smarts, and creating new music for MPR's funky, dearly-departed radio show, In The Loop.

As The Strum Brothers, Jeff and Joe blow open the potential and versatility of one cool little instrument: the ukulele. And of course, they are singing their ever-loving hearts out. With a carefully cultivated, family-friendly setlist, great harmonies, and serious musicianship, The Strum Brothers rock that uke.

Together with tight harmony vocals, a dose of mouth-trumpet (trivia: it's called "eefing," in 1920s lingo!), skillful whistling, and the occasional kazoo, The StrumBros take their menagerie of ukes through a setlist spanning uke classics (Hawaiian and old-timey tunes), modern classics (The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, Glen Campbell, The Beatles), and “I never thought of that” (Stevie Wonder, Gnarls Barkley... Britney Spears). With so many songs and eras to choose from, it's easy to curate the right mix of tunes for any room.

It's a veritable uke-seum on stage, featuring various combos of soprano, tenor, banjo, baritone, and bass ukuleles. The Strum Brothers play ukes by Magic Fluke and Kala


Other Projects


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Infections, original jazz-pop


Small Town Heroics

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MPR's "In The Loop"

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